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At Swisher & Imler, CPAs, PLC, we know that an informed client is our best customer. And the Internet is a great education resource, with endless amounts of information just a click or two away.

But sometimes it's nice to have help sorting through the virtual noise and clutter, so we've selected a few helpful articles for you to view. Check back often, for all the latest information on ways to manage your business and personal financial needs more effectively.

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Teaching Children about Money
How to tie their shoes and tell time are important skills parents teach their children. But don't forget the important skill of learning how to handle money. If you don't teach them, they'll be left to the experts on the schoolyard or (worse yet) Madison Avenue.
New Tax Legislation Includes
Congress recently passed several tax bills, most notably the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2007 (Tax Increase Prevention Act), which contained the so-called "AMT patch."
Noteworthy 2013 Healthcare Provisions
The 2010 Healthcare Act included several significant tax changes scheduled to take effect next year.